Joe buys a bed from a retailer on Saturday.

Delivery from the store is quoted at $150.

Here is the usual breakdown:

Delivery driver gets $30
Courier company gets $70
Retailer gets 50% margin so $50 on this delivery

Need a courier is the delivery driver, and the courier company in one, and because we are not from the retail store, there is no markup margin.

Need a courier may deliver this item for $75, you are already saving half the price quoted from the retail store to deliver your nice new furniture, and you may get it a lot sooner too!

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Need a Courier aims to save their customers money. Just because you have bought your new items/furniture from a retailer, does not mean you have to pay their over inflated prices for delivery.

We are here to help you. Give us a call, and arrange your item/s to be collected from the pick up point, be that a retail outlet, or business, private residence or other. Mark will need the details for pick up, including a telephone number, and he will then organise to collect the goods for you, wrapping them in blankets, plastic wrap or other protective measures to ensure your items arrive in the best possible condition, and then he will organise the most convenient time to deliver the goods to your location.

Need a Courier has found that when their customers shop around and get their best price, they can beat it, and get the job done faster. Here is an example. "Julie" phoned us for a quote on a large delivery for 7pm that evening. Her best price was $215, and that was with delivery 3 days too late for her requirements. Need a Courier delivered the item to her door 3 hours later for $100. How can we do this? Because it fit into our schedule, and we could provide excellent service and pricing, leaving Julie very happy.

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